some stuff from last year.

These were scanned from my sketchbooks a little while ago, just found them on the hard drive.
Ballpoint pen.


New Pics.

Some photos from last week.

-Chelsea's Highline Urban Park
-An opening at Jonathan LeVine gallery
-Écroché from anatomy class.
-NYAA pics.



some old some new

Some sketchbook pages from last month and a few from a couple of years ago. I had to go through and scan some images for an upcoming show featuring sketches of art school students.


Williamsburg Bridge

This bridge connects Brooklyn to the city via the J Z M train.

brooklyn to manhattan looking north


My last six months.

So, here it is. The long-awaited update of my first six months in New York.
The writing will go after you've seen the photos. So they're not titles, they're subtitles.

Some don't have any explanation. Just guess. If you really want to know, you can ask me.

There were a lot more photos but it was getting too ridiculous. It already is.
You don't have to look at them all in one sitting, if you do though, I love you.

Myrtle Ave. My stop on the J train. Brooklyn.

My place.

My Studio.

New York Academy of Art.



I was a tourist who got run over by a NYC cab cause I was taking photos in the middle of the street. NYC tourists are crazy. Oh, it was Halloween.

Painting in my room.

Painting with Andrew Leneghan.

A few of us were invited to a rooftop party to do some live drawing. There were other performances after our drawing session.

Corona Park Flushing Meadows. You might recognize this place from Men in Black.

A show at the Brooklynite gallery and Elicser Elliot's piece reppin' my home town. Thanks Jabs!

Goodbye Blue Monday. A bar by my place that is pretty awesome. Reminds me of Greenroom in Toronto, but better because they have live music every single night. And they also host cabaret themed drawing nights! nice.

Late night outdoor movie under the Manhattan Bridge.
The MET.
View of Manhattan from the Williamsburg bridge. My bike route to school.
Washington Square Park. This is where most of NYU is located and I think it is one of the nicest parts of NYC during the summer.
Flat Iron.
Central Park. (Look for the frozen version later on in the post)
Myrtle Ave. Station. My stop on the J line.
This wireframe will become a complete skeleton by the end of the semester.

That marks Sept 11.
Murakami Takashi at his opening in Chelsea.
My professor Andrew Leneghan's opening in Chelsea.
First time seeing an original Phil Hale.

These are from the Society of Illustrators.

My place.

It's funny. Come on.

This is an artist whose opening I saw in Chelsea over the fall.
Her name is Beth Cavener Stichter

The two second year reps, and the two first year reps!

So that's it. Thanks for viewing. Sorry for different pictures of the same thing.
Until next time!