Eric White. Carlo McCormick.

This Week's Talk.

Eric White with Carlo McCormick


Mexico City!

this is Victor's apartment.


It's about time.


I was going to wait until the piece of paper was in my hand, but it's taking longer than expected.
I've slept many hours and have come out from under my sheets. I've made it, to the beginning.


Please Vote!!


I am participating in a open call for artists in Brooklyn at a place called 3rd Ward.
3rd Ward is an amazing place where artists come together to make art and build a
community. It's kind of like a YMCA for artists.

Anyway, please visit this link to vote. As part of the juried process, there is a separate
award for viewer's choice. Thanks!!!


Happy Voting!!


process images of 'Power' just to give an idea of how it's made

Watercolor Paper
Oil Pastels
Sharpened Bamboo Chopstick
Etching Needle



Some drawings that I've been doing for the Metrocard show coming up at Sloan Fine Art on March 17th.
These are drawn on the subway, mostly the J train on my way to school and back home. Most people have their heads down on the train.


New Images

Ballpoint Pen, 2011.

Washington Square Park, 2010. Ballpoint Pen.

Mechanical Growth, 2010. Scratchboard.

Structural Thoughts, 2010. Scratchboard.


Shots from my studio.

It's make make make these days.

We had Brunch..

A few of my friends came to Athom Cafe to enjoy Brunch.
It was nice to be with my drawings and friends together.

CAA Show.

Some shots of how our school's room looked for the College Art Association's MFA Exhibition at the Hunter College Times Square Gallery last week.


a small update.

Yes, it has been a while once again.

a bunch of drawings of mine up on the walls of this really good french bakery.
it's coming down at the end of March. check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

Athom café
1096 Broadway Ave.
Brooklyn, NY