a small update.

Yes, it has been a while once again.

a bunch of drawings of mine up on the walls of this really good french bakery.
it's coming down at the end of March. check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

Athom café
1096 Broadway Ave.
Brooklyn, NY


nojazzatthealter said...

I just left Athom where I saw yr beautiful art! We met briefly and you gave me a copy of yr business card. Do you ever sell yr work, or prints of yr work? I especially love the drawing class sketches and would really love to own one, depending on whether i can afford one (or a print). Would you be able to tell me any pricing info? Thanks! Carly

guno park said...

hey there Carly,
hope you get this.
I tried finding other ways of getting in touch with you, but this seems to be the only way. I hope you see this in time.
You can definitely call me or email me for details. Yes, I can definitely make a print for you of any of the pieces that you saw at the café. Thanks for the interest!

nojazzatthealter said...

Sorry, I should have left an email address myself. Can you email me at jigsawjazz@gmail.com with pricing info? Much appreciated!